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Combine inventory objects and solve puzzles to unravel the murder of Patrick Von Petrova!

WASD to move around, Left Click to interact with objects and people, and Space to progress through dialogue. Open the inventory tab to put away, hold, or combine objects you've collected. Use the map icon to move between locations. 

Art by: Wolfina5, Zitomira

Programming by: Wolfina5

Music by: Neverdusk

SFX by: MrLampShades


Detective Suzanne Quinn v1.2.zip 44 MB


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Hey guys! Really liking what I'm seeing so far, but it seems I've hit a wall with progression. Is there a way to progress once Detective Quin gets down into the basement? I've assembled the phonograph but can't put seem to find a place for it. I figured it might be the waiters cart since there's a lot of space there... but that wasn't it.

Is there something I'm missing? Let me know! I'd like to finish it all the way through before giving a jam rating :D Besides, I must figure out why the wine is so red!! :P Might it have something to do with LE TOMATO INCIDENT??


Heya! The hint I'll give was that you may have had the right *place* to put down the object, but perhaps not the right *time* ;)

Thank you! Got it!